100% Beef Jerky Dog Treats - No Additives or preservatives

How Can I Tell What Makes A Natural Dog Treat 100% Natural

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So Is My Dog Treat 100% Natural? There are so many dog treats on the market these days and many laying claims that they are 100% natural which may be the case, but what else is hidden within? Very often one sees a label claiming 100% natural and doesn’t think twice about buying it and […]

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How To Spot Arthritis in Your Dog

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What Are The Symptoms of Arthritis And How Do You Spot It? Arthritis is a very painful condition and affects thousand of dogs in the UK every year and the onset is usually gradual. In the first instance the early stages are usually very slight and quite hard to see, even for those owners who really […]

Dog Gone Pain tips on DIY Toys

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Dog Gone Pain DIY DOG Toys October 27th, 2016 We all love spoiling our pets with special toys, but find that they are constantly going through them all too quickly? Perhaps then now is the time for a DIY dog toy. Here are a few easy do-it-yourself solutions for any dog lover to make, with […]

Food poisonous to cats

Foods Poisonous to Cats

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Cats are usually more sensible than dogs when it comes to eating things that are bad for them.  However as a rule any food that is not specifically designed for cats could cause problems with their digestive system. Alcohol Alcohol can cause severe liver and brain damage. As little as a tablespoon can lead to […]

Chocolate, Milk, Corn and  many more foods can make your dog ill read more here.

Foods that are Poisonous to Dogs

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Alcohol Alcohol and food containing alcohol is significantly more toxic to dogs than to humans. When digested it can cause vomiting, diarrhoea, decreased coordination, central nervous system depression, difficulty breathing, tremors, abnormal blood acidity, coma and even death. Keep alcohol beverages and food containing alcohol well away from your dog. Chocolate Chocolate is derived from the […]

Finding the right vet

Finding the Right Vet for Your Cat and Dog

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Finding the Right Vet for Your Cat and Dog Finding the right vet for your cat or dog can be a tricky process. The relationship between your pet and the vet is a crucial one. Read our quick guide below on what you should be looking for: Bedside manner This is a crucial ingredient when […]


Exercise Tips for Dogs with Arthritis

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Achy Joints? Exercise could be the answer: As your pet becomes older their metabolism starts to slow down, organ function (including brain function) is slowing, and their response to disease via the immune system is not what it was when they were younger. It is very easy to watch your dog who suffers from arthritis to […]

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Three Very Wise Men and Boswellia

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The Three (very) Wise Men   I know 2016 has just arrived and you’re probably focusing on your New Year Resolutions but I’d like to drag you back to Christmas for a moment and specifically to the three wise men.  Why you ask?  Well, the three wise men came bearing special gifts one of which […]

Dog Gone Pain

Holly has her MOJO! back – A customers own tale.

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Holly is a 12y 6m Parson Russell Terrier, in true terrier style she has lived life at 500mph and has picked up many injuries throughout her life. She has had repairs to both cruciates and has an old bicep injury as well as severe OA in both elbows. In the past months she has really […]

It’s because I am a dog

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Ever wondered why dog’s do certain things? Fed up with training advice not making sense? Then listen and watch this hilarious video of a dog explaining why they do the things they do! It’s because I am a dog