Gandalf and I have walked approx. 8 miles a day since he was a few months old, right up until a year ago when he started to have problems with his back legs. Can’t thank you enough for giving him his life back, he’s even grabbing his ball to play when we get back from his walk again now… something he hasn’t done for over a year.
Tony – Knutsford

Our dog has got a new lease of life and at 12 that’s brilliant. THANK YOU!
Ann – Rochdale

I really cannot believe that a product exists that lives up to its claims. After only 2 days the difference in my 10 year Cavalier was amazing, eager to go out again and climbing the stairs. Thank you very much to DGP.
Dorothy – Keighley

I have used DGP for the last three and a half years on my Bulldog. I have tried many different products without success but DGP has helped beyond belief. She can now jump on and off the couch without any problems. I have also used DGP on various other dogs with excellent success. I am delighted that I can now buy the product in the UK without me having to import it from the USA.
Sharon – Ramsey St. Marys

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Thank you so much for the trial pack of DGP I am really impressed with the difference this has made to my 10yr old Papillon. She is now running around like a 2yr old. I am really looking forward to showing her in veteran bitch at Crufts next month.
Rosemarie – Morecambe

These are just some of the reviews that show how DGP Doog Gone Pain has helped dog’s with arthritis pain, joint pain and hip dysplasia. Many dog’s especially older ones can develop dog arthritis pain or slow down due to joint issues and finding a natural but highly effective product that is safe for long term use was quite hard to find until Dog Gone Pain / DGP came to us from the USA. DGP not only acts as a pain relief but also as an anti-inflammatory.

Got my Collie back!
Just to say thank goodness I saw your DGP tablets. I was getting worried about him and I have tried everything to Metacam which I don’t like for long term! I have seen a BIG change, he is like the young dog I had before when he did all his agility work (he’s 11).

He can get up without me feeling bad for him and he gets in the car with much more ease.
Karen – Leicester

Thanks Sue, great results so far. I have emailed all my doggie friends recommending your product.
Peter – Lincolnshire

Thank you for the sample of DGP I received at Crufts. I have tried it on my 10yr old JRT X with excellent results. We compete in obedience and do a little bit of agility for fun. She is a very active little dog, but after a shoulder injury a couple of years ago she sees a chiropractor regularly.

Since using your product she seems to be sleeping better (I always know when it’s time for her check up as she becomes a little fidgety at night) but most importantly she is much more ready to play both with me and my younger dog. She appears altogether happier in herself. I will be ordering DGP again.
Debra – Swindon

Karlo seems to be progressing well on DGP and I am particularly pleased that he is now not taking Rimadyl, with its attendant and possibly harmful side-effects.
Angela – Essex

I have been giving Ruby our Bichon Frise DGP, we started off at half a tablet a day but progressed to one a day as she is on the upper weight for the smaller dog usage.

She is still bouncing a bit to get up on her favourite seat, but in general she seems very lively and has started to want to race around and play with the others like a youngster again, so we will be ordering some more. It was nice to be able to trial DGP before buying. Thank you so much
Barbara – Plymouth

Our beautiful black Labrador who 18 months ago had major surgery for cancer is looking and acting like a new dog and is managing to keep up with two very excitable 4 year old cocker spaniels. She doesn’t groan or limp when getting up from her snoozes and is bounding about without wincing.

Have told everybody I know with ageing and stiff dogs that don’t want their dogs on chemicals for the rest of their lives so I’m sure more orders will be on their way to you all I NEED NOW IS A HUMAN OPTION SO I CAN KEEP UP!!!!!
Alison – Tenbury Wells