We first came across DGP whilst living in the USA. We had just adopted a wonderful puppy from our local dog shelter and were going through the joys of ‘all things puppy’ whilst in contrast our neighbour was dealing with an aging dog. We watched in sadness as her dog declined to a point that he could no longer walk any distance and could not manage the few steps out of the house.

She reached the stage where she was considering what would be kindest for her dog when she was introduced to DGP. She was a little sceptical at first but felt she had nothing to lose. Within a week we all witnessed the results; her dog was up and managing the stairs and in no time at all was back to enjoying his daily walks.

DGP was the talk of our neighbourhood!

On our return to the UK we noticed our ‘puppy’ now 9 years old was showing signs of slowing down. He had stopped trying to jump on our bed to sunbathe in the afternoon and was very reluctant to climb up or down our stairs and point blank refused to jump into the car. He looked down in the dumps – it was time for DGP!

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After some searching online we discovered we could not buy DGP in the UK so we approached American Biosciences, the makers of the product. A couple of months later, and along with our belief in the product, we were delighted to become the official distributors of DGP in the UK. Since this time we are happy to report that DGP in the UK has helped many dogs; see for yourself on our customer review page.

As for our dog, Biggles, he is doing very well since taking DGP. Yes, he is back to jumping on our sofa and bed (I’m not enjoying the dog hairs again!) and he is also back to chasing my slippers when I walk – something he hasn’t done for a long time.

If your dog is showing signs of slowing down, why not give DGP a try. Our trial pack size of DGP (usage for 1 week for a medium sized dog) allows you to see for yourself just how effective and how fast DGP works. I’d also recommend checking out NK-9 designed to support your dog’s immune system.